Small cozy bedrooms

Small cozy bedrooms

Theoretically, your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in your home, but it's easy to forego comfort when your design aesthetic comes into play. Form over function literally every day of the week - but that does not have to be the case. These bedrooms prove that you can have the cozy atmosphere and the chic in one. It was even harder to get out of bed in the morning.

Leisurely Vibes Hack: Add a huge, roughly knitted throw. Although this bedroom is huge, it feels intimate thanks to the predominantly pure white color scheme and perhaps the most comfortable bed ever.

Even though your space is mostly neutral, you can add character and coziness with natural textures. This room features alpaca pillows and a wrap, suede and linen.

Soft blue and pink give the room a new dimension without overstraining it. Transparent panels and a wrought-iron bed provide mood.

Unexpected, total, but earthy forest green is the cuddly feeling. Combine it with rich, patterned textiles.

Nobody would have thought that this room was a sad little attic. With a dressing room downstairs and a place to sleep upstairs, this two-story bedroom is a boho dream come true.

We will go camping if it looks like that. The outdoor bedroom is equipped with all-weather fabrics. Even if it is disgusting outside, you are still nice and cozy.

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Great bedroom with great beddings!

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